Valentines Week List 2024: Rose Day, Kiss Day, Propose Day,Dates

Valentine’s is celebrated all over the world on February 14th. On this Day, couples worldwide express their love for each other. Today is the valentines week List of 2024 on this year you will celebrate and make romantic days with Kiss day, propose day, the complete days and dates schedules are given below.

This Valentine’s Day celebration starts on February 7th and continues till on February 14th. Everyone celebrates these seven days with great enthusiasm. Join us in this week’s love-filled journey to celebrate your day at Disneyland is most romantic place . Who brightens every place with valentines week chart list. If you want to know about these seven days of love, then you can read this article in details.

Valentines Week List 2024: Date and Schedules

February is the month of love, which comes second among the months on the calendar. People express so much love this month, due to which the sky appears. If you want to celebrate the most exciting days at homes with your partner you have to try the valentines week List of 2024 it will most romantic and full of love days before 14th Feb.

The actual Day of Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th. Mini events in each city start from February 7th until February 14th. Every Day of this entire week is celebrated with your partner to plan the events ideas and decorate your home, valentine restaurants to make special.
Valentines Week List 2024: Date and Schedules

Overview Valentine’s Day 2024

Occasion Valentine’s Day
DateFebruary 14th
OriginAncient Rome
ImportanceDevelop love and Happiness, and relive memorable moments.
valentines week List overview

Why we celebrate an exciting Day on February 14th?

Valentine’s Day’s real and very famous story is about a St. Valentine from the room. The history of Valentine’s Day is tied to both Roman and Christian this tradition. It turns out that St. Valentine’s was thrown in jail for officiating at a soldier’s wedding. The couple was not allowed to marry at all. Who made the couple pluck flowers from their garden And increased the bond of love between them. That’s why flowers are very important on February 14th.

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Valentines Week List Days

The second week of February, which poisons love and emotions, is approaching. You are not certain about every event of Valentine’s Day. So we have created a Valentines week list of Days from calendar, and every event has been described. Let’s watch the events of the entire week.

Valentines Week List 2024

Valentines Weak Days Importance

Every Day has its special significance in the Valentines week list. And every poison love with his name. We will describe every Valentine’s Day in detail.

Rose Day

Valentine Week starts with a beautiful Rose Day, celebrated every year on February 7th. This passion for love is so much that it is celebrated throughout Valentine’s week. This week’s start with Rose Day. With each passing Day, people give each other roses to express love. When love is expressed through flowers, only love and true love is visible in the heart. We should celebrate Rose Day for our partner on February 7th so that he can express himself with it.

Rose Day

Purpose day

After Rose Day, on February 8th, comes the very beautiful Propose Day, as the name suggests. People who love each other express their love on Propose Day. February 8th is Propose Day, and this Propose Day creates a wave of Happiness for every person. Propose Day reveals in the heart of every person how much he loves his partner. We should express all our love for our partner and celebrate Propose Day. When you propose to your partner on the proposal day, you will have a lot of space in your partner’s heart. Your partner will start loving you more.

Purpose day

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Chocolate day

February 9th is celebrated as Chocolate Day all over the world. It’s the third day of Chocolate Day Week. On this Day, people who love each other give chocolates. Giving chocolate makes this offer in the heart of your loved one. Today, people give lip-shaped chocolates to their loved ones to increase their love. And the days pass happily sitting with each other. Celebrating Chocolate Day makes your mouth sweet, and your partner also becomes happy. Chocolate is often people’s favorite.

Chocolate day

Chocolate is not only sweet but also full of love. We should give maximum freedom to those we love. There are many types of chocolate. Therefore, when your partner likes chocolate, you should give him that variety. On Chocolate Day, you can make a chocolate-flavored cake designs with your lover. You can also cut chocolate flavor cake with your lover on Chocolate Day. You will remember Chocolate Day for the rest of your life.

Teddy Bear day

Teddy bear Day holds its importance in Valentine’s Week. It is celebrated every year on February 10th, Teddy bear Day. That’s why people love each other so much. According to him, give him gifts in the shape of teddy bears. This teddy bear’s reach signifies less passion and love for each other. Teddy Bear is the Day of love and expression of love.

These loving animals make people fall in love with each other. Teddy Day celebrates the love between people who love each other. This teddy bear stays with its loved ones for a long time. And it is a sign of love and affection. Teddy bears are cute Toys That are liked by children and adults, too. Teddy bear is important on teddy days

Teddy Bear day

Promise day

All over the world, Promise Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and love on the fifth Day of the Valentine’s Day holiday. This big Day is celebrated two days before Valentine’s Day. And it is celebrated on 11th February Promise Day One settled in a club. What is a wonderful opportunity? Those who love each other on this Day make promises to each other, proving their love story.

Couples who make a promise to each other promise that they will stand by each other in difficult times. And he also promises that we will stay together and love each other for the rest of our lives.

What is a promise that represents love and affection between couples?

It is proof of the coming future, which is firmly tied. After making a promise, maintain such a strong bond with each other that you do not have any fights, and that promise remains valid till the end of the Day. After this, you will be happy, and your promise will also be fulfilled.

Promise day

Hug day

The sixth Day of Valentine’s Day is Hug Day, when people hug each other whenever they see each other. And give a sign of your love. This Hug Day lasts till the Sweetest Day of the year, Valentine’s Day. On Hug Day, couples express their love by hugging each other and keeping their love limited. This is the power of a hug, and this love gives an expression of love and passion. Maintain the importance and love of physical hugs.

Hug day is the most favorite people’s Day in Valentine’s week. Every person waits for Hug Day every year. One Day before Hug Day, couples develop attraction towards each other. That’s why we should celebrate Hug Day with great enthusiasm

Hug day

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Kiss day

Kiss Day is celebrated a day before Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated on February 13th. People in love kiss each other and decide that you are mine. And only he who loves his partner more than his life kisses. Later, kissing, the look of your love increases. What should we express to our partner that doing so will create attraction for you in our partner? When you celebrate Kiss Day, your partner will never leave you. Kissing testifies to how much one loves one’s partner. We should celebrate Kiss Day so that our family can be happy with us.

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Valentine’s Day

one of the best and biggest day in the valentines week list date and days to celebrate the valentines day on 14 Feb with your lover. This Day is celebrated in a very special way in many countries worldwide, and people often wait for this Day. Because this Day is a symbol of love you can make it romantic with enjoy the valentines week list of days and dates in the coming year 2024. Traditionally, people give cards with flowers to their partners on this Day.

Valentine's Day

Many couples leave their homes on February 14th and visit the big romantic place to celebrate this Day. On this Day, in good style, late-night parties are arranged at many places with valentines week chart list. People take their partners to places where they have a lot of fun and friends. And they also prepare a huge amount of food items and celebrate at white castle with partner and lover.


The Valentine’s Day week refers to the seven days that begin on February 7 and extend until February 14. Each day of these moments has a different way of expressing love.

  • Rose Day is celebrated on (February 7): and this day marks the beginning of a romantic journey.
  •  Purpose Day, on (February 8): is the day to express love.
  •  Chocolate Day on (February 9) is the day to share chocolates with your partner.
  • Teddy Day on (February 10): is a day to exchange teddy bears as a symbol of affection and love.
  • Promise Day on (February 11): is dedicated to making promises, particularly for building trust in relationships.
  • Hug Day on (February 12): is a day to show care and express love by giving your partner a warm hug.
  • Kiss Day on (February 13): is the day to express love with a meaningful kiss.

Some people celebrate the 7 days of the week, while people like us only celebrate all these things together on the last day.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day week involves thoughtfully exchanging gifts, preparing love letters, and sharing personal experiences of affection.

Not at all, it’s not just for couples. It’s a day of love for all forms, and people celebrate it with joy with their friends and family.


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