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10+ Amazing Romantic Valentines Day Movies To Watch 2024

On the enchanting occasion of Romantic Valentines Day movies many aficionados of choose to elevate their celebration by immersing themselves in a world of movies. The allure lies in the captivating and heartwarming scenes that these romantic films present—a mesmerizing spectacle that can be shared with a beloved partner.

These cinematic moments, like vivid fragments of a cherished story, become timeless memories, forever etched in the tapestry of your romantic day to wtach movieswit beautiful valentines dinner. In the spirit of commemorating Romantic Valentines Day movies I present to you a curated selection of romantic movies that you can enjoy on this special day. Each film is chosen to create a captivating and delightful experience, transforming your Valentine’s Day into a memorable chapter in your own love story.

Romantic Valentines Day Movies

Here are 11 Valentines Day movies ideas that you can watch while having a conversation with your partner or best friend, creating the perfect atmosphere for this special day.

1. Valentines Day Movie

  • 2010/comedy & Romance
  • Rating: 5.7/10
Romantic Valentines Day Movies

Plot summary: The romantic valentines day movies story is revolves around several couples living in Los Angeles, navigating the challenges and joys of their relationships. As they face various trials together, they also share many beautiful moments, deepening their love for each other. The pinnacle of their romances culminates on a single Valentine’s Day, adding a unique twist to their intertwined stories. This special day becomes a turning point in their relationships, marking a new chapter in the journey of love, where emotions soar to new heights, and the bonds between these couples reach unprecedented levels of depth and passion.

2.The Notebook

  • 2004/comedy & Romance
  • Rating: 7.8/10
The Notebook

Plot summary: The movie begins in a nursing home where an elderly woman, suffering from memory loss, encounters a compassionate duke. He shares with her the enchanting story of a couple, starting with Noah’s chance sighting of Allie at a carnival, leading to a blossoming love between them.

This film offers a compelling choice for Romantic Valentines Day movies, as it weaves a tale of enduring love, transporting viewers through the poignant journey of Noah and Allie. The elderly woman becomes an engaged audience to this timeless narrative, as the threads of destiny, passion, and resilience intertwine. With its soul-stirring plot, this movie proves to be a delightful option for those seeking a romantic and heartwarming cinematic experience on Valentine’s Day.

3.Blue Valentine

  • 2010/Romance & Drama
  • Rating: 7.3/10
Blue Valentine

Plot summary: In the movie, there is a girl named Cindy who lives with her parents and takes great care of her grandmother. She is a medical student and also has a boyfriend named Bobby. The storyline unfolds as Cindy eventually marries a person named Dean. To delve deeper into the narrative and discover the subsequent events, one would have to watch the movie to see what unfolds in Cindy’s life after her marriage to Dean.

4. About Time

  • 2013/Romance & Sci-fi
  • Rating: 7.8/10
About Time

Plot summary: The Romantic valentines day movies is revolves around the theme of time travel, focusing on a boy named Tim whose family possesses the ability to travel through time. Tim decides to use this power to pursue a romantic interest: the cousin of his sister’s boyfriend. However, the girl is not interested in him, prompting Tim to travel to London for his law studies. In London, he encounters a girl named Mary, and the story takes a new turn. To fully enjoy the details of the plot, it is recommended that you watch the movie.

5. The Fault in Our Stars

  • 2014/Romance & Comedy
  • Rating: 7.7/10
The Fault in Our Stars

Plot summary: The movie revolves around a cancer patient named Hazel, diagnosed with lung cancer. Her parents believe that Hazel is experiencing depression due to her illness, leading them to take her to a doctor. The doctor introduces her to a support group for cancer patients, where Hazel meets a boy named Augustus. Their friendship develops, and Augustus gives Hazel a novel with a particularly upsetting ending. Driven by the desire to learn more about the author and the novel’s conclusion, Hazel and Augustus visit the writer’s home, only to be promptly dismissed. As their connection deepens, they fall in love. The story takes a heartbreaking turn towards the end when Augustus succumbs to his illness, leaving Hazel profoundly devastated.

6. Romeo+Juliet

  • 1996/Romance & Crime
  • Rating: 6.7/10

Plot summary: In this movie, Romeo and Juliet come from two different families who are sworn enemies. During a party at Juliet’s house, Romeo secretly attends and sees Juliet, falling in love with her. However, due to the ongoing feud between their families, Juliet proposes marriage to Romeo. Romeo manages to convince his family, while on the other hand, Juliet’s parents plan her marriage to a wealthy man named Paris.

Juliet refuses this arrangement and seeks the help of Friar Laurence. Together, they devise a plan that involves Juliet taking a potion to induce a 24-hour sleep, making her appear dead. Romeo, unaware of this plan, believes Juliet is truly deceased and takes a fatal poison. When Juliet awakens and discovers Romeo’s lifeless body, she takes his gun and shoots herself, leading to both lovers tragically dying in each other’s arms.

7. Crazy, Stupid, Love

  • 2011/Romance/Comedy
  • Rating: 7.4/10
Crazy, Stupid, Love

Plot summary: The movie is about a married couple, Cal and Emily, who have children, including a son named David. Emily develops feelings for a man named David and decides to divorce Cal. However, their children do not approve of David, leading to the divorce. A babysitter named Jessica, who takes care of Cal and Emily’s children, has a son named Robbie, who confesses his love to Jessica. Jessica, in reality, is interested in Cal. The movie is a romantic tale with captivating twists, including the love story of Jacob and Hanna. I highly recommend watching this movie; you will undoubtedly enjoy it.

8. La La Land

  • 2016/Musical/Romance
  • Rating: 8/10
La La Land

Plot Summary: The romantic valentines day movies revolves around the love story of Mia and Sebastian Wilder, who have different aspirations. Mia dreams of becoming an actress, while Sebastian aspires to be a Jazz musician. They fall in love, and both work hard to achieve their respective goals. Their first meeting takes place on a bridge.

Eventually, Mia becomes a popular actress, realizing her dream, and Sebastian becomes a successful musician. However, in the end, we see that Mia marries a man named David instead of Sebastian. She attends a performance where Sebastian is playing Jazz. Mia and Sebastian see each other, and for a brief moment, she gets lost in Sebastian’s thoughts, imagining him in place of her husband.

The movie portrays the challenges of boundless love, where two deeply in love individuals are unable to be together. You should definitely watch this movie; it has won six Oscars and offers a compelling narrative.

9. The Shape of Water

  • 2017/Fantasy/Romance
  • Rating: 7.3/10
The Shape of Water

Eventually, the amphibian attacks the laboratory’s colonel, who decides to euthanize it. However, the doctor in the lab, who is secretly a German agent, helps Eliza and the creature escape. Together, they take the amphibian to a river to release it. The laboratory colonel catches up with them, shooting both Eliza and the creature. Surprisingly, the amphibian, possessing special powers, retaliates and kills the colonel.

The German agent then revives Eliza by giving her gills, allowing her to breathe underwater. The amphibian and Eliza, now able to breathe underwater, joyfully choose to live together in the depths of the river.

10. Silver Linings Playbook

  • 2012/Romantic/Comedy
  • Rating : 7.7/10
Silver Linings Playbook

Plot Summary : This movie revolves around a married couple, Pat and Nikki, who go through a breakup. Pat is admitted to a mental hospital, and when his condition stabilizes, his parents bring him home. Despite Pat’s desire to rekindle his relationship with Nikki, his parents disapprove because Nikki is not showing much interest. During this time, Pat meets a girl named Tiffany, who is also dealing with mental health issues following her husband’s death.

They strike up a friendship, and Tiffany starts taking the same medication as Pat. A bond develops between them, and Tiffany falls in love with Pat, who still harbors feelings for Nikki. When Pat sees Nikki one last time to bid farewell, Tiffany is hurt, and she decides to leave. When Pat learns of this, he rushes to her house, where he proposes to her.

11. Before Sunset


Rating: 8.1/10

Plot Summary : The romantic valentines day movies follows a couple, Jesse and Celine, who meet on a train bound for Paris. Both are strangers, immersed in reading novels when they notice each other. Striking up a conversation, they find an instant connection and decide to continue their discussions in the train’s dining car. As Jesse’s stop approaches, he suggests that Celine should disembark with him and spend the day in Vienna.

He proposes that they meet again the next day and embark on a memorable experience together. Celine agrees, and they spend the night exploring the streets of Vienna, sharing kisses and developing feelings for each other. The next morning, at the time of Celine’s train departure, they promise to meet again at the same place on the same day six months later.

Final Thoughts

This collection of movies forms the perfect romantic Valentines Day movies selection, allowing you to make your day special by indulging in any of these cinematic gems. All these films are among IMDb’s top-rated, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable experience. I hope you find these movies delightful and perfect for adding a touch of romance to your special occasion.

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