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Top 30+ Valentines Day Baby Name Ideas, Party Theme Names 2024

Valentine’s Day is a celebration, not only for couples on this day. If you’re looking for a name that captures the beauty of love. We’ve compiled a list of 30+ valentines day baby name ideas, with famous valentines party theme names to used for celebration and make fun with your families and friends to enjoye the beautiful moments.

Sweet as Candy: Valentines Day Baby Name- inspired ideas

Valentines Day baby name ideas is synonymous with all things sweet and romantic. From hearts and valentine flowers to precious gems and candy, these names are as delightful as the occasion itself.

  1. Dulce/Dulcie: A girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning sweet Consider the alternative pronunciation, Dulcie, for a unique twist. This name not only embodies sweetness but also carries a touch of sophistication, making it perfect for your little sweetheart.
  2. Candy: is a fitting name for your little sweetie. Imagine the joy this name will bring as you watch your child grow, reminiscent of the sweetness that Valentine’s Day symbolises.
  3. Dove: symbolising peace, love, and softness. Choosing Dove as a name not only evokes a sense of serenity but also reflects the pure and gentle nature of a newborn.
  4. Ruby: inspired by the precious red gemstone. This name not only adds a touch of glamour but also signifies the deep, enduring love you have for your child.
  5. Hart: Pronounced like “heart,” this English name is not only for boys but also makes a charming choice for girls. a name that aligns with the theme of love and captures the essence of heartfelt activities & emotions.

These names evoke the spirit of love and sweetness, perfect for your precious Valentine’s Day baby.

Valentines day Baby Name

Historic Elegance: Timeless Valentine’s Day Baby Names

If you seek inspiration from valentine’s day history, timeless myths, and great literary works, consider these names with a touch of classic elegance.

  1. Valentino/Valentina: Inspired by St. Valentine, the patron saint of love and happy marriages. Embracing this name for your child carries a sense of blessing and a connection to the enduring power of love.
  2. Eros is the Greek god of love. Naming your child Eros bestows upon them a legacy of love and passion, encapsulating the very essence of Valentine’s Day.
  3. Venus is the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Choosing Venus for your little one not only imparts a sense of grace but also connects them to the timeless ideals of love and beauty.
  4. Romeo/Juliet: The iconic star-crossed lovers from Shakespeare’s timeless tale. These names carry a romantic legacy and a nod to the enduring power of love, making them a perfect choice for your little one.
  5. Freya/Aphrodite: Representing goddesses of love from Norse and Greek mythology. These names add a mythological touch, infusing your child’s identity with stories of love and divine beauty.

These names not only carry historical significance but also add a touch of timeless romance to your baby’s identity.

Spring Blossoms: Baby Names with Loving Connotations

For a subtle yet meaningful nod to love, consider names with meanings related to love or beauty.

  1. Annabel is a Scottish name meaning “loving.” This name not only reflects affection but also exudes a timeless charm, perfect for a little girl who brings joy and love into your life.
  2. David is a Hebrew name meaning “beloved.” Choosing David for your child bestows upon them a sense of being cherished, creating a connection to the enduring theme of love.
  3. Amora: A Spanish name meaning “love.” The name Amora brings a touch of exotic allure, symbolising the universal language of love.
  4. Bella is an Italian name meaning “beautiful.” Bella is a name that transcends cultures, representing the universal admiration for beauty and the joy it brings.
  5. Mila: A Slavic/Russian name meaning “dear one” or “gracious.” Mila is a name that reflects both tenderness and elegance, making it a perfect choice for your little one.

These names offer a charming subtlety, allowing your baby to carry the essence of love in a unique way.

Party Time: Clever Valentine’s Party Theme Names

Make your Valentines Day baby name celebration unforgettable with these clever and catchy party theme names.

These party theme names are not only creative but also set the perfect tone for a memorable celebration & decorations.

Celebrate Love in Singularity: Sassy Party Names For Singles

If you’re hosting a celebration for singles, add a touch of wit and confidence with these sassy party names.

  1. Thank You, Next
  2. Revenge Body Bash
  3. Donut Fall in Love
  4. Heart’s Desire
  5. Be mine, maybe

Embrace singularity with these spirited names, proving that Valentine’s Day is for everyone.

Love Beyond Borders: Global Baby Names Inspired by Valentine’s Day

Explore baby names from various cultures that embody the universal theme of love.

  1. Aziz means powerful and beloved. This name not only carries strength but also reflects the deep affection you have for your child.
  2. Carys is a Welsh name meaning “love.” Choosing Carys adds a touch of cultural richness to your child’s identity while symbolising love and tenderness.
  3. Femi means love or “God loves me” in Yoruba. Femi is a name that not only reflects love but also carries a spiritual connection, emphasising the divine aspect of affection.
  4. Vida: Hebrew for “dearly loved.” Vida is a name that embodies the cherished nature of your baby, connecting them to a heritage of love.


Caoimhe is an Irish name denoting charm and loveliness. Caoimhe adds a lyrical quality to your child’s name while symbolising the beauty and charm associated with Valentine’s Day.

These valentines day baby names showcase the diversity of love across different cultures, providing a global touch to your baby’s identity.


Valentines Day baby name serves as a beautiful muse for naming your little one. Whether you prefer the sweetness of Candy or the timeless elegance of Juliet, each name carries a unique story of love.  go ahead and choose a name that resonates with your heart, creating a symphony of love in every call. Embrace the enchantment of Valentine’s Day with a name that will forever remind you of the love that bloomed on this special occasion. As you embark on this journey of parenthood, may the names you choose fill your home with love, joy, and countless heart.

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