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Valentines Day History And Story, Why We Celebrate It On 14 Feb?

We know that now a days everyone want know the valentines day history and story will be explored and in details because its a good love story on this day, because the Valentine day in USA the complete history is not quit well that, we know that the valentines is celebrate 14 February but we don’t have any knowledge about it behinds, what is story and history , mostly peoples are less familiar with this tory and history on this day, but one this when the peoples know abut it in depth thy can’t believe and very interesting and heart touching story in the world, lets started it.

Valentines Day History And Story

Lets talk about the valentines day history and story on 14th Feb, and also we discussed the why we celebrate it? In this history we get all information about valentine day.

Valentine day arises on every year on 14 Feb, this day celebrate all over the world like united stated, Canada India, Pakistan etc. on this day peoples make a lot of fun and enjoyment with gits, cards, candies chocolates, flowers. This day also called St. Valentine. And NO one know about the Who is mysterious saint and where did this tradition come from?

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Who is St. Valentine?

It around the 500 AD, its started from the catholic church extra St. Valentine day as a day of celebration to the canonical calendar. You know that, the “Valentine” name is martyred saints get the honored was this day. There was three different saints’ names Valentine, Valentinus, but in the since of time very less know about these men because the details of the St. Valentine day were traditional murky, the feast day was skipped from the Roman catholic Liturgical calendar in 1969.

The some of the peoples know about it struggle of St. Valentines who celebrate on this day. It told many times about saint valentine tale. But the tale of saints’ valentine was passing away by roman emperor Claudius II then he rejected to accept the paganism.
St. valentine

Saint Valentine gained notoriety as a patron saint of love because a result from this myth. During the words of the Saint Valentine prayers, it is requested that Saint Valentines bring together couples so that they may unite together and recall their allegiance to Christ.

valentines day history and story

Valentines, especially official points out, first appearing in the the early 1500s. In the end of the 1700s, professionally created valentines had become commonplace. Midway through the nineteenth century, the first commercially produced Valentines were printed in the United States. Valentine frequently structures souls, a conventional repository of feelings, as well as Cupid, who the Roman deity of loving. Birds were additionally the deity of the time since it was believed to be the bird sexual cycle starts in the middle of Feb. Chocolate and blossoms, especially roses in red, an emblem of romance and beauty, are common presents.

Valentine Day Meaning And A Day Of Love

Although the work of Geoffrey Chaucer’s poem that is published in 1375, is considered by scholars as the source of the “modern” celebration of Valentine’s Day, where we honor our romantic connections with one another, Saint Valentine’s Day’s beginning story laid the foundation for the day’s establishment as an occasion for lovers.

Geoffrey said about valentines day history and story

He wrote, “For this was sent on St. Valentine’s Day, When every foul cometh there to pick. The meaning and history of valentine day, from the accent roman ritual of Lupercalia that welcomes spring to cards and gits given customs of Victorian queen of England.

if you want to enjoy on this day, you have to decorate and plan the ideas for valentines day and make a special day for your partner.

Why do we celebrate the Valentine Day?

Did you know that we celebrate Valentine’s Day in honor of Saint Valentine? Claudius II Gothicus controlled the Roman Empire in the third century. Because of his severe leadership and proclivity for starting conflicts, he was dubbed Claudius the Cruel. He noticed one day that young guys were not joining in the army because they want a peaceful life with their wives and children. The emperor became enraged and forbade any additional marriages in his realm.

Emperor claudius II

Valentine’s Day eventually evolved into a day for celebrating passionate love, presumably as a result of the Romantic English poet Geoffrey Chaucer. According in The New York Times, Jack B. Oruch, an elderly University of Kansas Literature instructor, presented compelling case for crediting Geoffrey with our current views regarding Valentine’s Day.

  • Lovers and couples started sending tiny artifacts and letters for Valentine’s Day back in the mid-18th century.
  • According to the news organization NPR the industrialization of society contributed to the popularity of published Valentine’s Day gifts in the second half of the nineteenth century.
  • Lastly, Hallmark Cards of Kansas City, Missouri, began mass-producing Valentines in 1913, the legendary but the world has not been exactly the same again.
  • The truth behind this day the real story of Valentine’s Day is that a very gorgeous celebration is not a sorrow.

On the fourteenth of February in 1929, the seven men are killed in a group commanded by AI Cupone, Jr., Chicago, during the history of alcohols. The Valentine Day slaughter was a historic moment. Throughout history, the higher authorities and laws were pursing the groups and crowds that had been established in towns to regulate and Cath according to the basis of illegal activities like alcohol drinking and murder.

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Who is Cupid?

Cupid is frequently depicted in Valentine’s Day postcards as a nude baby shooting love darts at unwary couples. However, the ancient Roman goddess Cupid had her origins in Greek mythology as the goddess Eros, the Greek god of love. Many claim he was the son of Nyx and Erebus; others argue that he was a child of Aphrodite and Ares; a few others believe he is a kid of Iris and Zephyrus, or possibly Aphrodite and Zeus the person who could have served as both his dad and grandpa.

Is Valentine Day Being Romantic Love Holiday?

A longtime ago, literature historian Jack Orch of the University of Kansas discovered Chaucer was the first to think and study on Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14. but in NYT, Chaucer founded Valentine’s Day in the writing of “the parliament of fowls.” As a result, according to Orch, Chaucer founded Valentine’s Day as we now celebrate, but not in the history it printed card because we follow the traditions on todays.

Now a days the Valentine’s Day is usually recognized as a romantic love event. It’s an time when individuals show their love and devotion to each other, couples, or loved ones by exchanging cards, presents, blossoms, and beautiful places you can enjoy the valentines day at White castles hotels, restaurants. incredibly a moment for couples to express their devotion and deepen their bonds. It is important to highlight, because Valentine’s Day can be a day to express feelings of affection and respect to relatives and close friends, in addition to romantic relationships. Although the holiday’s beginnings are romantic in nature, it has expanded to include other professions of loving.

Now a days, the valentines day at schools are celebrated for students enjoyments and play some activities make the special day and celebrate as romantic holiday.

Does Valentine Day Is Pagan Origins?

Lupercalia was originated as an earlier Roman harvest celebration held in halfway through February (the rest of this paragraph is not PG). The event of drunkenness was devoted to Faunas, the Roman deity of farming, and a Rome the creators Romulus as well as Remus or included a ceremony whereby a group of Roman’s religious leaders walked unclothed via the sidewalks, “gently slapping” women using the blood-soaked conceals of meat sacrificed (yes, really), that they thought encouraged reproduction.

Faunus and Romulus

The Emperor Gelasius I made Lupercalia illegal during the late fifth century A.D. According a few historians, Francis established 14 February as St. Valentines Day in order to take over the pagan event.

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Final Words

In this article explored and get the all knowledge about valentines day history and story tell us about the why we celebrate this day know about who is saint valentine? and who is cupid? and also discussed the valentine as a holiday or romantic day.

if your planning for the celebration of valentines day to get the amazing ideas for decorations to celebrate the valentine at home, enjoy and decorating the backgrounds at homes, schools restaurants. Make the something special like cakes designs for valentines day for your partner , husband.


Valentine’s Day is a festival celebrated every year to commemorate the Roman Lupercalia, which is observed with love and affectionate celebrations.

This day is special for those who love each other because it marks the beginning of the month in which the birds are in mating season, hence this day is associated with love and romance.

In Japan, it’s a tradition for women to present chocolates and candies to men on Valentine’s Day, adding a sweet touch to the celebration. Meanwhile, South Korea takes a unique approach, designating separate days for men and women to exchange gifts, making the festivities more inclusive and diverse.

Special friendly gifts, choose local roses, or plan a party for friends or make handmade crafts. These ideas helps to you celebrate valentines day.

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